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Re: AotP Power Rankings: Army and Spell cards

Originally Posted by Astroking112 View Post
It's true that Jace likes using his spells instead of letting them pile up, but that just charges the Necro-Alchemist even faster. 9 attack dice is still much higher than normal, and while it'll average 4.5 hits, that's still far more than the number of blocks that most enemies will be expecting to roll. Unless the target has 14 or more defense dice, you'll be expecting to deal at least some more damage, although I believe that he'll almost always cause plenty of destruction. His main weakness is definitely the fact that he can only get one attack per turn (along with struggling in the endgame, but he excels at the earlier-mid portion to make up for it), but when it's so powerful, the option is good regardless. I don't think he's as infallible as the Lantern Geists, but I'd say that he's definitely a solid A for how easily he can get that deadly attack.

I haven't toyed around with Green enough yet to know how much the Geists benefit from better Enchantments, but I think that there are probably better suited squads for them anyway. I'd much rather enchant another squad with more members that can take advantage of the boon than the Geists, so losing enchantments for an unsummon doesn't feel like much of a loss at all. They remind me of the Deathreavers from classic HeroScape quite a bit: both are difficult to kill and able to tie down enemy figures, all without ever needing to take dedicated turns with them.
Alright, I met you half way on the Necro Alchemist. A for the potential 9 dice attack, the minus due to late game struggles. I figured thatís the most fair way, since itís only 2 of us with a difference of opinion.

I have the Lantern Geists some more thought, and I really would pick them over pretty much any team. I bumped them to A+. You made a lot of good points for them
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