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Re: Felindar's Comic Customs

Originally Posted by Hahma View Post
Originally Posted by Felindar View Post
Here They are I just now realised I forgot the flight and superstrength symbols I will repost tomorw. Aside from that what do you think. Stripe has both and the kid can just fly.

Pretty nice cards Felinder, I like the way you captured their relationship. There are a couple things that you may want to consider changing and it happens to do with their names.

Star Spangled Kid changed her name to Stargirl after getting that cosmic rod. Got that from

Should S.T.R.I.P.E be spelled the same throughout the text on both cards to be consistant with the way it appears at the top of his card?
Will do for S.T.R.I.P.E.

I was thinking of going with Star Girl, however the mini from Heroclix said the star Spangled Kid and since I am making the card for my daughter to use she Gets veto power. She has been waiting for the SSK for weeks and I can't get her to change.

If it works better for the comunity I will change the card for general use.


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