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Re: What Board Game Are You Currently Playing?

Originally Posted by Dignan View Post
Pillars of Earth is one of my groups favorites. We usually aren't huge fans of Euros, but this one clicks with us for some reason. Dungeon Twister is great as long as you have two like minded, analytical players. It takes a good deal of tactical thought and can be a really solid game.

Recently I've been playing a ton of Tide of Iron. It's really hitting that sweet spot of depth just above Memoir '44 and below ASL. I've found it to be a really rewarding two player tactics game. Lots of fun.
Glad to hear your comments on those two games. I'm really looking forward to them both.

I would LOVE to give Tide of Iron a shot. Not in the cards with the current group of options, though. Might have to wait until son grows up to have the chance.

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