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Re: Dallas "Epic" Game Day (July 27) - RULES & ARMIES ON P1

Thanks all for the compliments and everyone showing up who said they were going to show up. I had a lot of fun and think most of the even went as I had planned. The parts that didn't were. . .

The main thing that didn't go as I thought was the games were very slow. I wanted each game to last about an hour. For that I recommend anyone else who does a similar event do 400 pt armies and 4 rounds max!

The other minor thing is that most of you seemed to forget your #1 goal was finding glyphs for your Generals. You all got a bit too caught up in killing the other army.

I also thought I had picked some easy glyphs spots that people would surely run over, but I guess next time I will have to make ALL of them super obvious spots.

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