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Re: Welcome to C3G!!!

Originally Posted by L0B5T3R View Post
First of all, awesome news! I miss the danger room because things look a little dead without it, but 15 points to bypass the public design contest? Yes please! I will certainly be purchasing one as soon as I knock out my 2 research papers.

Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
It's been suggested that the winner should get to run their design for 0 points instead of 4. It's been suggested that the poll become more of a character poll to influence Hero/Sidekick output, like the March Madness poll. The Heroes haven't come to a decision yet, so what do you, the public, want to see?
These are the two ideas I like best. Getting to run a popular design is a reward to the designer and the public who want to see that design LD'ed. I also like the second option: voting through characters.
I agree wholeheartedly! Especially on the March Madness idea! It always annoys me when I hear someone talk about how much they like the character, but the design isn't quite right, so they vote for something else. I think making the vote based more on character rather than design would be a great way to get some fan favorites finally made. Black Manta, anybody?

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