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Re: Heroes of Ninja Turtle 'Scape.

Originally Posted by Balantai View Post
Personally, I could see each turtle having Counterstrike, Phantom Walk, a TMNT aura, and a unique ability. The aura would be similar to what Tornado posted. Something like:

Turtle Power
You may add 1 to Leonardo's attack and defense for each other figure you control that has the Turtle Power special power on its card that is within 4 clear sight spaces of Leonardo.

Atk 4
Def 3

After revealing an Order Marker on this card, instead of moving and attacking with Leonardo, you may move 3 Ninja heroes you control up to 3 spaces each.

Atk 3
Def 4

Critical Thinker
You may add 3 to your initiative roll for each unrevealed order maker on this card.

Atk 2
Def 3

Double Attack
When Raphael attacks, he may attack 1 additional time.
(This seems weak, but it will embody Raphael's need to be a part of the turtles. When he's fighting with the turtles, he gets two attacks of 5, but alone, it's only 2.)

Atk 3
Def 3

Cowabunga Dude
If Michelangelo starts his turn engaged, you may add 2 to his movement.
I'll consider all of those if this organization gets anywhere. I preonally, think Raph should get rage smash, and should maybe have to roll a dice, to see if he can count as a character that boosts stats in Turtle power. That would suit raph well, unless you were refering to a more sarcastic 1980's raphael, in which perhaps some sort of insult based ability would be better...

So, would anyone be interested in helping out, as you all seem interested, or are you just kinda seeing where this is going (personally, I dont even know where this is going)
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