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Re: Heroes of Ninja Turtle 'Scape.

Thank you guys for responding! I understand that the mini's may be a draw back, as they would be hard to construct, but I think I'll keep checking this thread until the end of about next week to see if anyone wants to join (if anyone does just say so) If not, I'll just let it slide. I found the TMNT Battle keychain figures, and they'd make good proxies, but they just wouldn't be perfect. Maybe we could use LEGO Characters, as Figs, seeing they are pretty cool (my little brother has Mike, Foot Soldier, and kraang in pod) and hey, who doesn't like legos? Than people could just edit the hitzones and the images to match their modded figures (that's what I do when a Heroclix fig that C3G uses doen't match mine. I hope that is okay) As for the Tmnt Rpg, as I said, I have made TMNT cards before (just click the link in my sig!) and I didn't exactly give them that. What I did do was give Leo an ability, that before he moved, he could move two Mutant or Mutate characters first. So, a TMNT synergy, but not exactly what your sudgesting. Also, sorry to here about what happened to your trek scape project.


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