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Re: Heroes of Ninja Turtle 'Scape.

Originally Posted by Balantai View Post
There are two glaring issues with a project like this, JF. First, there aren't any widely available minis for TMNT. That's a significant problem. Second, the cast of characters in the TMNT universe is pretty limited. IMO, it would be easier to just create your own custom turtle figures to your liking and get input from the peanut gallery.
O.K. the figures issue is a big one. I was thinking part of the project would be to Mod up figures, and then have tutuorials on them or use proxys or something. As for the cast of characters, off the top of my head I can Name: leo, don, raph, splinter, mike, april, shredder, casy, foot soldiers, rat king, krang, utroms, foot elite, muckman, ray fillet, max winters, Fugitoid, Rocksteady and Bebop, Super Shredder, chrell, Traag, Granitor, Mutagen Man, Wingnut, Spider Bytes, Snake Weed, Slash, Walkabout, Pete and more! In other words, there is no shortage of characters! I have tried making my own, but I'd like everybodies oppinion, and no matter how much I post, nobody finds my thread .

so, I figured that a group project would be a great idea to create excelent, balanced, and down right awesome TMNT characters, but if nobodies interested, I might as well give up
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