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jahosaphat knows what's in an order marker jahosaphat knows what's in an order marker
Jahosaphat's Custom thread New! 5-9-11 LIZARD KING

Current Custom to Analyze

Modified Custom

Hawkeye 5-9-11
Indian Aura helping, unique hero

I new right away what I wanted to make him look like, but I have had trouble coming up with his abilities. I like how he turned out though. He is the opposite of Brave Arrow and enhances the Indians. He originally was a healer, then a wild animal mover, and then became his own.






This unit was made out of Brave arrow, Raelin spear, marro heads, and A hawk hat I put together for him.

Play him with
Brave Arrow
Indians X4
Continue moving each hero into battle taking turns with them, through the bonding options. The strategy is full on press with all figures.

Enforcers of Valkrill

After seeing how their hero came out, I had to make a squad that would work with him. These are the other side of the spectrum for Einar Kyrie, they have double attack, but range. Their wings are hit zones because the wings are a part of them.


Front 1

Front 2

Front 3

Back 1

Back 2

Back 3

These figures are made from Marro Drudge boddies, and rats heads, with wings of Raelin. The bodies were carved down, to loose some of the bones and guts that showed through the paint. Re-painted to look like robots.

Enforcers of Valkrill X6

Smaug Warrior King

I had to make a lizardfolk king for the greenscale warriors to fallow under general Ullar. He is a big hitter, but I wanted him to only be when with the greenscales just as they do when with their lizard king. He turned out perfect. Possible 6 plus attack die, and possible 6 attacks. They are fun to play together.






Head Armor



This was a Molten claw modified and repainted. He is also made out of the Ogreís club, Thorgrimís armor and Raelinís wings off her helmet.

Testing with
Smaug Warrior King
Greenscale Warriors X3
Deadeye Dan

Samurai New 5-7-11

Spoiler Alert!


Spoiler Alert!

Soldiers NEW!

Spoiler Alert!

Litharians NEW!

Spoiler Alert!


Modified Heroscape Customs
Spoiler Alert!

Promo Repaints
Spoiler Alert!

Cards for D&D figures
Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

Custom Terrain
Spoiler Alert!

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