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Re: New England Heroscape Events - CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NO

Originally Posted by Cleon View Post
Sweet. Yeah even if we just have 4 people total, thatís enough for a round robin. My cousin said heíd probably play, and I could get my dad. But it would be awesome if we got like 6-10 (I donít think I could hold more than 10). Right now I could do 3 maps but Iíll probably buy another table soon so it would up it to 5.

But with Covid I donít know exactly what precautions we should take, or maybe weíll have to wait a bit. Whether itís very soon or down the road, Iím totally down to host them.
I know with the RI restrictions quarantine wasn't required for traveling to MA and only hot states (FL I think) but they are talking about increasing restrictions whereas any out of state travel would trigger a 2 week quarantine. We may need to wait a bit because of this.

Whenever this is done I might be able to bring some people up with me but honestly even a round robin is fine. In the years I first started it was just 4 people total trying to get the word out. No one would show up if no one is playing. It was still very fun with 4 so it's doable. I could bring maps or tables or anything really.

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