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Re: New England Heroscape Events - CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NO

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Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is doing well! Have had a heroscape itch I've been unable to scratch lately and just checking in to see how everyone's doing!
Hey - hope things are going well with you.

Unfortunately, we are still fairly limited by MA travel restrictions with regards to RI, which kinda make it impossible for Itsbuzzi & myself to co-host any events. (MA has RI on it's list of states from which MA residents are supposed to quarantine for 2 weeks after any non-transitory time spent).

Beyond that, the game store I hosted the last event at has closed down, so I don't really have a venue I could use either.

If you know of any possible venues, finding one would be a starting point to getting back. But then we'd still have to contend with the travel restrictions.
That sucks, that place was a really sick store.

Honestly Iím thinking about potentially hosting tournaments in my new apartment. I have the room for it, Iíd have to buy another table and a couple more chairs but with my dining room and kitchen I could host an 8 person tournament, maybe even 10. I would provide all the maps, you guys would just need to bring your armies and dice and stuff. If we got it really going smoothly I could probably do it monthly. And Iím down for both classic and VC.

(Iím in Western MA, and my place is in a nice and quiet neighborhood just an fyi )

Really the only thing preventing it or could prevent it is, obviously, Covid. I donít have it but I wouldnít want someone to bring it or everyone just being uncomfortable being in the same two rooms as one another. Maybe weíd have to wait a bit for the travel restrictions to lessen? I donít know, I donít leave the state haha so I donít pay attention . Also Iíd like to know whoís coming to my place at least decently haha, Iíve met Chris, Buzzy, and Curry Noodles - you guys are all chill and cool with me - but I just am wary about giving my address to someone Iíve never met. Thereís a lot of past NE scapers Iíve played with over the years, so if any of them want to Iíd be totally fine with it. But if itís someone I donít know then Iíd have to think about it...if you guys know them and know theyíre cool then thatís most likely good enough for me.

So yeah, food for thought! Covid sucks, but it would be a dream to host scape tournaments at my new place with you guys! Whether we could manage it during this pandemic, or down the road post-Covid.
I hope Chris meant the store itself closed temporarily because it was a cool store while I was there I bought some cards from them haha.

This sounds amazing I'd love to play at some point. All my stuff is still boxed up because of my recent move so this would be ideal for me, but covid so....

I completely understand your stance on having other people over and the travel restrictions and honestly I'd be OK with the event at any time as long as enough people were going and I would totally stop by and play. I have like 3 or 4 foldable tables so I could bring one for you if that helps you out.

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