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Hello All,

So, first post here. I have lurked on and off on this forum a few years before Heroscape was discontinued (yeah, that long ago). I have always really enjoyed Heroscape and have played it with my brothers. We all live and work in different states now, but, when we get together for holidays, etc. we usually play a small game of Heroscape (though gone are the days of a whole table occupied with multiple castle sets). I don't really care all that much for D&D Master Set 3 and would like to trade (while I would like to purchase, I would like to trade first; and, no, I am not interested in selling: I would like more Heroscape not less! ). I have the entire set (with cards, terrain, etc.)

Have: All Master Set 3 Battle for the Underdark figures and associated cards.

Wave 3: Kilts and Commandos, Heroes, Monks and Guards
Wave 4: Anything
Wave 6: Einar Imperiums and Archers, Zombies
Wave 9: Anything minus hero set
Aquilla's Alliance (!!!)
Ticalla Jungle (terrain and/or spiders)
Thaelenk Tundra (terrain and/or Dzu Teh)

Let me know if I really screwed up this post. If I have successful trades, I will update what I have left of the Master Set. Many thanks!!

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