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Re: The Book of Punisher

It's been a while since I wrote something like this, but I felt it was a good time to dive back into it.

As always, a quick rundown of the units abilities before I dive into a few ways I like to play them.

Assault Rifle
When Punisher attacks with his normal attack, he may attack two additional times. Roll 1 less attack die for each subsequent attack.

This is a great piece in Punisher's arsenal! It's a buff to his normal attack by allowing him to attack 2 additional times with it, and is a special ability and not a special attack which means you can take advantage of buffs to the die roll such as height advantage etc.

Auto Shotgun Special Attack
The first of 2 special attacks that Punisher packs. This one is like any other shotgun blast special attack except it allows you to use it twice. It tends to be more of a situational Special Attack, but it can have it's place.

Armor Piercing Rocket Special Attack
For each skull rolled when attacking with this special attack the defending figure subtracts 1 from it's defense. This is a once per round Special and should be used every round! It's an extremely effective hero killing special attack. Keep in mind though that you can only use it to attack a non adjacent figure. So keep your distance.

So obviously Punisher has an immense arsenal at his disposal. And his life and defense of 5 makes him stay around a little bit. So who should you draft with Punisher to get the most out of his 180 points?

As a Vigilante, Punisher can benefit from many other figures.

Robin and Commissioner Gordon would seem like obvious draft choices with Punisher... and they kind of are in most cases.

Robin allows you to have a bonding unit for Punisher that can be used as a light screen that can engage an enemy while Punisher fires down at them from a distance.. preferably with height using Assault Rifle.

Commissioner Gordon can be used to move Punisher into height position with Bat Signal early on or to get Punisher out of a sticky situation later on.

Alfred Pennyworth is also a great drafting choice here since Punisher can benefit from his Remote Field Extraction and his Field Medic abilities. As both a Vigilante and a Human Unique Hero, Alfred will keep Punisher around a lot longer then he should be and will force your opponent to account for the 60 point butler.

Captain America is probably one of my favorite draft choices with Punisher and Alfred. If you are able to win initiative with this team and move Punisher up to height using Bat Signal then use your first turn or two to get Captain America adjacent with Punisher early then start to unload his arsenal on your opponent it will be that much more effective! Tactician benefits Punisher more then just about anyone. Punisher on height with an adjacent Captain America will have a boosted attack of 6! and when using Assault Rifle will follow that with 5 and 4! That's 15 attack die being thrown by 1 figure which is the most attack a single figure can throw in one turn without a bit of luck.. like say Black Canary. And remember you can follow those 15 attack dice with your Sidekick's attack of 3/4 that's a total of 18/19 dice in one turn... pretty impressive! And keep in mind you can move Alfred up with Punisher/Captain America/Robin and keep him adjacent to the podge and he can heal them all!

Assault Rifle and Armor Piercing Rocket are my favorite of the two abilities and I use them both in certain situations. Armor Piercing is great for the following figures
Harley Quinn
etc.. (know I'm forgetting some)

Just about anyone that has a defense ability that only benefits them against normal attacks or a ability that gets better depending on how many D they are rolling like Flash/HQ

For anyone else I would probably opt to use his Assault Rifle... especially if Captain America is around...

Have to cut this one short because I have some company on there way, but discuss this below and I will add more tips and tricks later.

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