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Online Heroscape Match Request Thread

Looking for a game of online Heroscape? Use this thread to request a game, or find other people already looking for one.

What is online Heroscape? How do I play?
Online HS How-to-play and Question Dump

What maps are available?
Online HS: Maps and Figures

Any tools to help me play?
Filthy The Clown's awesome online Heroscape app

How this works:
Keep requests simple and to the point.

-Include when you want to play.
Specify day, how long you're available for, and time zone.
"I would like to play today (Dec 4). I'm available anytime before 7:30pm EST"
"I'm free for a game this tuesday (Dec. 6) between 3:00 and 8:00 mountain time"

-List any special requests.
*specific maps you're interested in playing (or perhaps NOT playing)
*etc. etc. Try to keep it simple.

-When looking for a match:
-Be sure to check all the posts carefully! We don't want to leave a fellow 'scaper hanging!
-Please try to resolve existing match requests rather then starting new ones!

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