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Once upon a time, I wasted a truly awesome amount of time playing Dark Age of Camelot. How much? Well, I was completely hooked for a year, and during that year spent more time online than I did at the office, and I was working a full week every week. How I found the time to sleep I'll never know.

What did I get out of it? A handful of level 50 characters nobody cares about (including me), and a year-long gap in my life.

Since then I dabbled lightly with City of Heroes, mostly for the silly names and costumes. And some Planetside (which is more a MMOFPS).

And I can honestly say I'm never going to get hooked on another MMORPG. I've read the REd Dwarf book, Better Than Life - being stuck in a game isn't good for you. And I have a brother-in-law who schedules his whole life around guild events in World of Warcraft, effectively ignoring real life (including his family) while he's about it. So with that word of warning, don't expect me back in this thread anytime soon.

Q - "Are you one of those people who does The Times crossword puzzle in 10 minutes?"

A - "I have NEVER taken 10 minutes!"

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