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The Book of Motley Max

The Book of Motley Max

C3V Wave 22 - Scourge of Apollyon - Heroes of Dark Ridge

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The figure used for this unit is a Dungeons & Dragons figure from the Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica set. The name of the figure is Rakdos Ogre.

After moving and before attacking with Motley Max, you may choose up to two enemy small or medium figures within 3 clear sight spaces whose bases are no more than 6 levels above Motley Max's height or 6 levels below Motley Max's base. Roll the 20-sided die once for each figure. If you roll a 6 or higher, place that figure on any empty same-level space adjacent to Motley max. If the chosen figure is engaged when it is moved by Dread Chain Grab 6, it will not take any leaving engagement attacks.

If an opponent's small or medium figure moves adjacent to Motley Max, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 14 or higher, the opponent's figure receives a wound. Figures may only be targeted as they move into engagement with Motley Max.

The PDF for this card can be downloaded here:
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