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Re: Letters From the Front

Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper View Post
The arena combat was another clever design from my brother. We four party members were split into four different rooms, each with a different randomly selected opponent. At the top of each round, we magically rotated to the next room, to face the opponent there.
Wow. I may have to steal that.

Anywho, between Christmas preparations and a nasty bug going around the house, it's been awhile since we got a good session in. But..
Having defeated their opponent, the party set off across the only bridge out of the village. (The setting is basically a series of floating landmasses connected by a web of artificial bridges). There, they set off a booby trap meant to hide evidence of the attack by destroying the bridge and letting the village drift off into space. Their late enemy wasn't the type to win awards for subtlety.
Thankfully, the adventurers caught on fast and kept their heads. While their teammates fought off the mooks guarding the bomb, the shaman managed to disable the magical portion of the device, while the dwarf took out its electronics (which she still hasn't stopped bragging about, incidentally).
Upon entering the next town, they stumbled upon a fellow adventurer--a gnome sage embroiled in combat with a swarm of undead raised by his arch-nemesis, a necromancer known only as the Bonemonger. The gnome (who went by Miracle Man) was grateful for their help in dealing with the threat, and agreed to meet up with them later. In the meantime, our relatively brave more-or-less heroes headed to the town library, in search of information on the parchment and the shield...
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