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Re: Letters From the Front

I have been running a Legend game for my siblings, but the plot moves like molasses due to all of us being amateurs (and a practical time limit of an hour per session).
The starting party consisted of a human shaman, a dwarf rogue, a demon monk, and an undead hodgepodge of multiclassing. They all ended up in a tiny village that was soon raided by a band of orc mercenaries, who had been hired by a mysterious armored titan to retrieve a seemingly ordinary old statuette. Our heroes cut down some orcs, interrogating an orc ranger who ended up defecting to their team (as a GMPC who is carefully kept exactly one level behind everyone else).
Finally, they managed to defeat the mercenaries' employer, noting that his smouldering bones bore traces of artificial modification. He had also been carrying a shield with an unfamiliar heraldic crest, and a scrap of parchment inscribed with an incomplete but tantalizing message. Hints of something bigger behind the scenes, no doubt!
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