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Re: Letters From the Front

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My current 5e D&D campaign..... (I'm the dungeon master)

In the highly mystical, oriental campaign of Shin-Kaza (My own homebrew.....) the party has just emerged from the forsaken monastery high in the Choko mountains. There they were able to recover a number of ancient scrolls continuing music of an ancient and powerful nature. In the process of recovering these scrolls, one party member was permanently turned into a Carrion Crawler, and another was slain fighting a Blue Slaad. They now need to travel back through the underground mountain pass, and bring these scrolls to the greatest storyteller in the land. In trade for this music, they will receive one of the fabled Nine Mirrors. (They have five already.....) These mirrors are needed to stop a massive apocalypse that has been prophesied.

After that, they will travel into the spirit lands (An actual location on the map! It is a massive bamboo marshland!), where the lines between reality and the spirit realm are blurred. They are searching for a very powerful demon by the name of Fragalax. This demon has another mirror which is missing a shard. (This shard was recovered earlier by the party in the Tomb of the Scorpion King in the northern Wasakabi deserts.....)

Throughout all of this, a powerful group of psionics from the Far Kingdoms are attempting to recover the mirrors for themselves. They believe they have been chosen to save the world, and no puny group of adventures will get in their way. (This group is secretly led by a powerful demon, though this is a closely guarded secret.)

In summary, lots of ninjas, lots of spirits, and a good time.
Very cool. I love that a PC is now a Carrion Crawler.

Tell me more about the mirrors. How big are they? Appearance? Any powers by themselves?

We had a few campaigns that required acquiring skulls of power and before that, unicorn horns. Great far reaching campaign concept.

Love the rival group of psis angle. Good stuff.
So part of the feel of the campaign is simply "mysterious magic" with spirits and all sorts of stuff. These mirrors are of a decent size (About 3' by 4'), so it's not a cake walk traveling with them. They don't have any specific powers besides having the ability to essentially return the approaching apocalypse to the heavens. They tend to attract spirits and sometimes have weird quirks. (Causes a fire to grow, strange swirls in the water, causes plants near it to grow like crazy.) They are not so much like items, but more like giant keys.

Agreed. I like this type of campaign because it sets a clear powerful story, yet it allows the party some free time to explore and go where they want.

This psi group secretly controls a number of jungle kingdoms far to the south, and in a session a few weeks ago the party had to sneak through this city full of spies and ninjas. (The had to cross through the city because a huge wall blocked the opening of the pass, and the city was the only way through.) This group are also experts at training and using Wyverns!!

The world has an oriental feel, but in the far north-west there is a vast desert full of pyramids and it has a very Egyptian feel. (That's where the scorpion empire was found before it's destruction!)



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