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Re: Letters From the Front

Welcome to the lands of Agris (my own setting), torn apart by war and ancient technology, now struggling under the threat of rebellion.

The party has been trekking through the old remnants of the kingdom of Naylon. Once enlightened by technology, civil war and economic depression caused the collapse of their great empire. Religious fanaticism and honor filled the void left by a progressive idea of fusing magic and technology. But the people of Naylon refuse to quietly return to dust. Organizing themselves into loose resistance groups, they strike out against their occupiers, the Inquisition of the Light. Using an ancient war machine, they've been struggling for years to reclaim their land, and restore their dragon lord, the Firemind, to power.

After a party member lost an arm in a horrific accident, he's been struggling to find a suitable replacement. After poking around at the fortified city-state of Cog Bastion, he found a lead for a mechanical arm. The catch? They had to travel deep into resistance territory to recover the ashes of the Firemind for creating a simulacrum. Throughout the journey, they've been finding more and more clues relating to the forbidden history of the world.

On their way to the ruins of Gearworks, the old capital, they've encountered several "failed experiments", horrid abominations of flesh and metal serving to supplement the lack of the Firemind. Rifts from civil war created by the income disparity from the Naylon scientific revolution still stand, dividing rebels amongst themselves. Within a day's march to their destination, they come across an old military outpost, built across dysfunctional train tracks. Buried below lies the wreckage of the great weapon used by Naylon hundreds of years ago: Crystal Aegis, the 7th mechanized automaton.

Before they get a chance to analyze it, to their surprise, a train rolls in. It's the resistance, searching for old pieces of the mecha to wage war against the Inquisition. After a quick "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", they join forces, swearing to bring down Inquisition occupation.

Apparently mecha and robots fit pretty well into a D&D setting. Who could have guessed?

Oops, rolled a 1.
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