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Wink Re: The Book of the Horned Skull Brutes

These guys are one of my favorite squads. I don't like them so much teamed with the Goblin Cutters since scurry can mess up your barge into battle but they are great with other small or medium squads. You can move up attack with your other squad and do the switch the next turn and attack with the HSB. My favorite army so far with these guys is:

150- Ogre Warhulk

These guys do great together. You move the DCoT with the Warhulk first and keep the HSB kind of close behind. Move and attack with Warhulk first. Second surround and attack with DCoT. Pull the DCoT back attack and you have a squad with higher defense on the front line. It is almost like these cards where made for each other instead of the Goblin Cutters and Horned Skull Brutes. When I get another set I will try this army with no range.

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