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Re: The Book of Steel - Designing

Originally Posted by A3n View Post
  • His hammer is his main attack.
  • His hammer has a built in guidance system (LOS not required maybe)
  • His hammer gains momentum the further it is thrown & actuall hits harder the farther it goes (+1 die for each space between him & the attacker maybe)
  • His hammer is called a smart hammer & can analyse the target for a weakness (- defense dice for the defender maybe)
  1. I have that with an attack 6. This guy originally was not all that superhuman. He was fighting thugs.
  2. I already had that in the special attack. Did you read it carefully?
  3. OK, I could go with that, but I think it becomes a bit too similar to our most recent Iron Man honestly, and this is certainly a different design, though the characters are comparable.
  4. His Smart Hammer is also known for being used as a missile that can hit several targets and then returns to Steel.
Let's break down what I have.


Range 5. Attack 5.

After attacking with this special attack, Steel may attack two additional times. He cannot attack the same figure more than once. No clear line of sight is needed when attacking with this special attack. You may only use this special attack once per round. After using this special attack, subtract 2 from Steel's normal attack number for the remainder of the round.

His normal attack (which is represented by his Hammer) is only one less than Superman.
He can attack 3 separate figures in one turn with his Smart Hammer.
He doesn't need clear line of sight for his Smart Hammer.
After throwing his Hammer, it takes a while for it to return (next round), so until then, he has to give up some of his attack. (may -1 as opposed to -2 would be better).

I think there is a helluvalot going on there, and I hope this was just a case of you skimming the card instead of reading each line.

Now, the other special attack is boring. I would agree with you if you had said that. But not the Hammer. The bolt gauntlets are basically what he used to shoot back at the low level thugs that he was fighting. So that power really should help against squads.

To justify his stats:
LIFE = 4 He is just a man in a suit like Tony Stark
MOVE = 5 He wasn't all that fast at first, though later on he upgraded his boots
RANGE = 1 He is mainly a melee fighter who depends on swinging his hammer
ATTACK = 6 His attack was never on par with Superman, even when Superman was weakened by his resurrection
DEFENSE = 6 His defense is comparable to Iron Man IMO.
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