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Re: The Book of Skrull Infiltrator - Designing

Originally Posted by SirGalahad View Post
Not just Zombies (since we shouldn't mix), but our own Sabretooth presents a problem:

Originally Posted by Sabretoooth
Range 4. Attack 6.
After moving and instead of attacking normally, Sabretooth may use Devastating Pounce Special Attack. To pounce, choose a non-adjacent figure whose base is not higher or lower than 6 levels from the base of Sabretooth. If the figure is destroyed, immediately place Sabretooth on the space the figure occupied. If the figure is not destroyed, place one Wound Marker on this Army Card and place Sabretooth adjacent to the chosen figure. Sabretooth may only use Devastating Pounce Special Attack if he can be placed adjacent to the chosen figure.
A simple "you may" can fix everything:

Originally Posted by Skrull Infiltrator
Skrull Infiltrators do not start the game on the battlefield. Anytime you destroy an opponent's small or medium figure, you may replace that figure immediately with one of your own Skrull Infiltrators that has not yet been placed on the battlefield.
I hear ya, but the official "zombie" way of fixing this is to say "if possible". That seems to be best since it is from the official card, and I think we have used that term somewhere else as well.
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