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Hey here are the final submissions below!! Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to submit. This was tough to narrow down, but I finally settled on a submission!

Sir HeroScape:




Character Bio: Through the use of the Havech's depraved and secretive biomechanical technology, Var-Bak-Na has drastically extended his lifespan far beyond its normal limits. What few organic parts of him remain still retain a diehard loyalty to Ne-Gok-Sa and the promise to keep this technology secret from the Marro's enemies.

Var-Bak-Na's secret to longevity is more than just cybernetic implants. He understands the drawbacks of the Havech's unpredictable weaponry and accounts for it on the battlefield. And when a nearby ally falls, Var-Bak-Na is always ready to snatch up any useful pieces of the deceased to further extend his own lifespan.


Capt. Stupendous:

And the winner is..................


I love how unique you made yours, really felt like you put the most thought into the design. Also noticed how you greyed out the plasma blaster, and added a great bio too!

Thanks again to all who participated!!

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