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Re: TAF's Customs DRUNKARD

Originally Posted by TREX View Post
Originally Posted by Dragnaxx32 View Post
Great figures all around (I especially liked the nazi spiders), but the following figures are missing card images:
- Ancalagon
- Athed
- Charax-Na
- Cunaxa Mercenaries
- Death Drudge
- Decay
- Deepwyrm Blackspawn
- Derelict
- Euphrates
- Fire Tribe Apaches
- Fire Tribe Scouts
- Gar-Ru-Nal
- Greater Glass Elemental
- Hellhound Ravagers
- Jack Nicholson
- Jeckack
- Jungle Boar
- Klammak
- Lavrador Explorers
- Leep Viper
- Leonard, Scotland Yard Consultant
- Lt. Bradley Furor
- Marro Sentries
- Marro Shifter
- Mercalak
- Mezzodemon Baeljer
- Mimic
- Nicolas Cage
- Obsidian Sentinel
- Pallaton Darkriver
- Pryce Mercenaries
- Puncture
- Quamur
- R-6 Seeker
- Rat Swarm
- Ricel
- Silidus
- Slisserk
- Stonebeasts of Arctorus
- Thesk Orc Archers
- Thesk Scout
- Treasure Drake
- Vamp Swarm
- Vel-Ra-Xi
- Vindicators Genocira
- Warforged Phalanx
- Wereboar
- Werlak
- XI Legion War Elephant
- Xythe'nem
- Yeche'tem
Its quite a bit of work changing all your photos from photobucket to something else and then reposting them to the site. It screwed up some of my threads as well. I doubt all these creators will reupload hundreds of old pictures just to give a peek. Good luck though.
He's said in previous thread pages that the pictures occasionally disappear, so I thought of this as just a gentle bump to remind him. As for the other creators, Soundwarp is the only one I think that might not fix his photos (not calling him out or anything). I did get a response from one person whose thread I posted on, so that's a success at least.
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