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Re: Unit Debate # 73 Deathreavers vs Raelin the Kyrie Warrio

Well, usually when you play against either of those units, you pretty much HAVE to kill them first to even be able to deal with the rest of the army.

I find raelin much, much easier to kill. And she usually falls for me under about 2-3 turns of focused attacks. 8 Rats, on the other hand, tend to take far longer due to scatter + high defense.

I will say that raelin has the advantage of being useful from behind the lines, so you can protect her from damage and frustrate the enemy, which makes her "potentially" far more powerful in certain situations. However, this also requires much more clever playing than just swarming your opponent with rats.

So, I would say rats are overall slightly better, but raelin has the potential to be best, with a slight skill curve.
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