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Re: Flash_19's Maps: New Map 8/2/19!

Originally Posted by OrcElfArmyOne View Post
All three look amazing, and props for having more manageable terrain requirements for these! Iím super excited to try out each of them; good 1x RotV maps are hard to find, good ice maps are virtually non-existent, and castle is usually used with more than just 1x RoTV. Iíve immediately added these to the top of my list of maps to try out this winter. Well done.
Thanks OEAO! I really appreciate your kind words. I have definitely wanted to get a few more maps out there with smaller terrain requirements.

Originally Posted by Cleon View Post
Origin looks great for a completely symmetrical RotV x1 map, which is impressive. Most symmetrical RotV x1 map's aren't exciting enough and I think their simplicity often backfires and hurts the overall balance for fair play, they often stumble into shooting ranges and dragon perches. But not always. Dry Season by Killometer (which isn't completely symmetrical but close) and Clever Name by BiggaBullfrog I think are solid RotV x1 maps that don't fall into these traps. Riposte by Dignan is an interesting one that I think might work well; I'm worried about the dragon perches but the way the map's built it might mitigate it, but I think you need strong glyphs for it to work. Not sure. But, yeah, Origin looks great!

I saw you post Fairhaven on Facebook (I didn't know it was you at the time) and I didn't recognize the map but it looked like a Flash map haha. I guess I was right.

Looking good as always......but......when will you step into the challenge of asymmetrical maps?
Thanks Cleon! I appreciate your feedback. And way to recognize my style from a picture on Facebook!

As far as asymmetrical maps, I've thought about it. I'll try it eventually, but I feel like it would stress out my perfectionist brain too much. Thus, why I haven't done it. Also, I feel like I've been burned a couple times by Asymmetric maps (that or taken advantage of a feature to the detriment of my opponent), and I don't want people to feel that way after playing a map I designed. I'll get around to it eventually though.

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