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Smile MBenny's Sale List 1-15-21

Hi all and happy new year,

The time has come to let go of my Heroscape collection. The sets within this collection are very lightly played and have been stored in a smoke-free, pet-free home for over a decade now. Due to issues with shipping and the size of the collection, I would love to keep all of this as one big lot. Feel free to PM me with offers/questions - the following is included in the lot:

- Fortress of the Archkyrie (100% complete with box)
- Raknar's Vision: Heroes of Lindesfarme (100% complete with box)
- Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie (99% complete with box)
- Missing: 20-sides die (Box condition is heavily played)
- Master Set: Swarm of the Marro (100% complete with box)
- Thora's Vengeance figures & cards:
- Nakita Agents, Sparatacus, Crixus, Retiarius, Deathstalkers, Blastatrons
- Utgar's Rage figures & cards:
- Krug, Khosumet the Darklord, Me-Burq-Sa, Sir Denrick

MISC (if these go to a set of the figures above, my apologies):
- (2) 7-hex sand
- (2) 3-hex sand
- (4) 2-hex sand
- (4) 1-hex sand
- (4) 2-hex snow
- Flag bearer bag (Blue)

All photos can be found here:

Included is a link of a photos - consider the other boxes condition as lightly-moderately played.

Please ask any questions you may have - I am currently asking $650 for the lot and this will cover shipping costs. I would love to move on this quickly, so I will monitor this thread for about a week's time and then move to ebay to sell if there are no takers. If there are any mistakes in the listing that you all see or have questions on - please feel free to chime in as I have been removed from the 'scape scene for quite some time.

Thank you all !

- MBenny
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