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Tagortis's 6/18/13 sale list

I'm not completely sure if i'm going to be selling my heroscape sets but i wanted to post them here to ask the community what is should be asking for them as far as price.I have all the cards, hexes for all the sets including props, figures(non of which are painted or customized in anyway) and all of them are out of box.
The sets i have are

Rise of the Valkyrie
(2 Finn The Viking Champion figures but only one card)

Marvel Legends Heroscape

Swarm of the Marro

Defenders of Kinsland

Zanafor's Discovery
-Armoc Vipers
-Sacred Band

Utgar's Rage
-Me Burq-Sa
-Khosumet The Darklord
-Anubian Wolves
-Sir Denrick
-4th Massachusetts Line

Fields of Valor
-Iskra Esenwein
-Marcu Esenwein
-Rechets Of Bogdan
-Ashigaru Yari(one of the spears are broken)

Volcarren Wasteland (x3)
-Obsidian Guards(x3, 9 figures)

As I said i'm not fully set on selling them but after I find out more and try to get a good deal i'll probably sell them.
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