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Originally Posted by whitestuff
Originally Posted by HighElfCollier
Hey guys,

I seem to be having trouble saving my edited pictures as an XCF file on my laptop. On my Desktop, it works fine, but the desktop is much slower and I prefer to use my laptop. Any ideas as to why I may be having this problem?
What happens on the laptop?
It works for a few seconds, then GIMP stops responding and closes. I think I figured it out, though. Whenever I save the image right after I add the layer mask, it freezes, but If I wait till I put the picture on the card template, it seems to work fine. I will try that out a few times and see if that is the problem.

Also, I have discovered that you tutorial is good for more than just Heroscape! I just work some GIMP magic on my graduation photos and they look really good. Maybe i'll post it soon so you you can see.

Thanks for the tutorial whitestuff!

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