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Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings

My thoughts. I want to note, first, that the power rankings are implicitly tuned towards an unrestricted meta. This means that we are forced to compare units to how they do in an event that has the top tier figures. This can make the rankings a bit less useful to apply to a meta at a take 2 or reverse the whip event, but it seems like the only reasonable standard to work from.

Also... to be honest, these rankings are getting more boring to do, because our playtesting is getting tighter. The range is really pretty narrow when compared to our older stuff, and certainly when compared to the classic releases.


Arthur: A more expensive MBS with no range... but autowounds can be quite handy at times. B

Azazel: Many of the tricks of Thanos, but in a more affordable package. Powerful distuption. A-

Boreos: Brutal kiting potential against melee; makes the Talingul army tick, disrupts enemy formations. A-

Kozil: Not an army centerpiece like Quahon, to be sure, but a high-life roadblock with a decent kit against both heroes and squads. B+

Talingul: His true power will take a while to become clear, but I suspect the construct build will come to be feared. A-

Banshees: A guaranteed kill on a common figure is quite strong. Unfortunately the Banshees themselves aren't much harder to kill. Best used as a 2x counterdraft. C+

Buccaneers: A nice 4-figure melee squad that can do a decent amount of damage, but low defense dooms them against more efficient squads. B

Morgan's Riflemen: They're not the Marro Warriors, but they are still a pretty solid addition to a Knight army. B+

Otar: Nice cheap option for Arrow Grut armies that want another hero out front. B

Suskra: The WWL keeps adding to his kit; Suskra's overextend makes him a nice target for one Howl each round. B

Gothlok: Awesome aura ability, but his high price keeps him from being an auto-include in a Deathchaser army. B

Maltiz Tez: Easy to kill, but hits hard enough to force you to do it. B

Bol: Splits the difference between Otonashi and Isamu. B+

Tetraites: Not quite Crixus-good, but still a solid Gladiator. B

Uzog: A bit expensive for what he does, but a fun bonding hero who gets scarier and scarier. B

EDIT: and lest I forget the new arrivals:

Marutuk: a massive counter-pick to large figures, but can be defused by squads or by patient play. B

Brontos: a big hitter who can do some interesting things with abduct, but for these points you usually want a little more production. B-

Avernus: not quite as devastating as Augamo and Boreos, but a worthy addition to the construct army. B+

Deltacron: the speed and that special attack make Deltacron quite the menace... to both armies. B+

Hrognak: A whole lot of points to sink, but the combination of the ranged ping and the threat of the massive charge is quite versatile. B+

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