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Re: Alternate Sculpts

Hello all,

New member here, but longtime heroscape player and recent discoverer of this community and C3V/SoV, which has been fantastic. In regards to the comment above about going through the Reaper Bones catalog and finding proxies, I have actually done that and have a list of figures that match up to a significant amount of C3V cards, including those that were previously from other lines of miniatures (D&D/Rackham especially, as I was having a lot of trouble finding older sculpts so my gaming group opted for Reaper proxies as they were very available). If that's still something people would be interested in in addition to the other resources already linked I can find a way to provide it - there is some overlap with Lefton4ya's list but I have a fair amount of additional proxies we thought were reasonable (Skull Demons, Microcorp Troopers, Buccaneers of Tortuga, Knights of Blackgaard and others).

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