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Index of Classic Heroscape .stl files


1) Look for (matte) next to a figure name. Those are the best resolution models.

2) The resolution of most models (even of the higher resolution models) isn't high detail. Hopefully one day someone with a good 3D scanner can make better models.
3) I will print any of these figures at a nominal fee (mostly covering cost of filament and wear on my printer). PM me for a quote.
4) I will slowly populate this with all the classic figures (and some SoV figures).
5) Let me know if any of the links have issues or point to the wrong .stl file.

4th Massachusetts Line 1
4th Massachusetts Line 2
4th Massachusetts Line 3
4th Massachusetts Line 4
10 Regiment of Foot 1

Agent Carr
Agent Skahen (higher res)
Agent Skahen (higher res, no base)
Airborne Elite 1
Airborne Elite 2
Airborne Elite 3
Airborne Elite 4
Air Elemental (higher res)
Air Elemental (matte)
Alastair MacDirk
Ana Karithon (higher res)
Anubian Wolves 1
Anubian Wolves 2
Anubian Wolves 3
Arcolah (higher res)
Armoc Viper 1
Armoc Viper 2
Armoc Viper 3
Arrow Grut 1 (matte)
Arrow Grut 2 (matte)
Arrow Grut 3 (matte)
Ashigaru Harquebus 1
Ashigaru Harquebus squad
Ashigaru Yari 1
Ashigaru Yari squad
Atlaga (higher res)
Aubrien Archer 1
Aubrien Archer proxy squad
Axegrinder of the Burning Forge 1 (higher res)
Axegrinder of the Burning Forge 2 (higher res)
Axegrinder of the Burning Forge 3 (higher res)
Axegrinder of the Burning Forge 4 (higher res)
Axegrinders of the Burning Forge squad (ultra resolution)
Axegrinders of the Burning Forge squad (matte)
Black Wyrmling (higher res)
Blade Gruts 1
Blade Gruts 2
Blade Gruts 3
Blade Gruts 4
Blastatron 1 (matte)
Blastatron 2 (matte)
Blastatron 3 (matte)
Blastatron 4 (matte)
Blue Wyrmling (higher res)
Brandis Skyhunter (higher res)
Brave Arrow (higher res)
Braxas left wing
Braxas right wing

Capuan Gladiator 1 (higher res)
Capuan Gladiator 2 (higher res)
Capuan Gladiator 3 (higher res)
Chardris (higher res)
Concan the Kyrie Warrior
Cyprien Esenwein

Darrak Ambershard (higher res)
Darrak Ambershard (matte)
Deadeye Dan
Death Chaser of Thesk1 (higher res)
Death Knight of Valkrill 1 (higher res)
Deathreaver 1
Deathstalker 1
Deathstalker squad (matte)
Deathwalker 7000
Deathwalker 8000
Deathwalker 9000
Deepwyrm Drow 1 (hgheri res)
Drow Chainfighter (higher res)
Dumatef Guard
Dzu Teh 1

Earth Elemental (higher res)
Earth Elemental (matte)
Einar Emperium
Eldgrim the Viking Champion (higher res)
Elite Onyx Viper 1
Elite Onyx Viper 2
Elite Onyx Viper 3
Eltahale (hi res)
Emirroon (higher res)
Empress Kiova (higher res)
Erevan Sunshadow
Estivara (higher res)
Evar Scarcarver (higher res)

Fen Hydra
Fen Hydra (ultra)
Feral Troll (higher res)
Fire Elemental (higher res)
Fire Elemental (matte)
Finn the Viking Champion
Frost Giant of Mohr (higher res)
Fyorlag Spider 1
Fyorlag Spider 1 (higher res)

Gladiatron 1
Goblin Cutter 1 (higher res)
Gorillinator 1
Granite Guardian 1 (higher res)
Granite Guardian 2 (higher res)
Granite Guardian 3 (higher res)
Granite Guardian squad (ultra)
Greater Ice Elemental (higher res)
Greenscale Warrior (higher res)
Greenscale Warriors squad (higher res)
Greenscale Warriors squad (matte)
Grok Rider 1
Grok Rider 1 (higher res)
Guilty McCreech
Gurei Oni
Gurei-Oni (higher res)

Hatamoto Taro
Heavy Grut1
Heirloom (higher res)
Horned Skull Brute 1
Horned Skull Brute 1 (higher res)

Ice Troll Berserker (higher res)
Iron Golem (higher res)
Isakra Esenwein
Izumi Samurai 1
Izumi Samurai 2

James Murphy
Johnny Shotgun Sullivan
Johrdawn (higher res)

Kaemon Awa (higher res)
Kato Katsuro
Knights of Weston 1
Knights of Weston 2
Knights of Weston 3
Knights of Weston 4
Knights of Weston
Kozuke Samurai
Krav Maga Agent 1
Krav Maga Agent 2
Kumiko (hgheri res)
Kurrok the Elementalist (higher res)
Kyntela Gwyn


MacDirk Warrior 1
Major Q9
Major Q10 (higher res)
Major X17
Marcu Esenwein
Marcus Decimus Gallus
Marrden Hound 1
Marrden Hound 2
Marrden Hound 3
Marrden Nagrub1
Marro Divider (higher res)
Marro Drone 1
Marro Drone 2 (hgheri res)
Marro Drone 3 (higher res)
Marro Drudge (higher res)
Marro Hive
Marro Stinger1
Marro Warrior 1
Marro Warrior 2
Marro Warrior 3
Master of the Hunt (higher res)
Master Win Chui Woo (higher res head)
Master Win Chui Woo (higher res head, no base)
Mezzodemon Warmonger 1 (higher res)
Mezzodemon Warmonger 2 (higher res)
Microcorp Agent 1
Migol (higher res)
Migol (matte)
Mika Connour (higher res)
Mind Flayer Mastermind (higher res)
Minion of Utgar 1
Minion of Utgar 2
Minion of Utgar 3
Mogrimm Forgehammer (higher res)
Mogrimm Forgehammer (matte)
Mohican River Tribe 1 (higher res)
Moltenclaw (higher res)
Moriko (higher res)

Nakita Agent 1
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider
Ninja of the Northern Wind 1

Obsidian Guard 1
Ogre Pulverizer (higher res)
Ogre Warhulk (higher res)
Omnicron Repulsor 1 (higher res)
Omnicron Repulsor squad (ultra)
Omnicron Sniper 1
Omnicron Sniper 2
Omnicron Sniper 3
Otanashi (higher res)

Pelloth (higher res)
Phantom Knight 1 (higher res)
Protector of Ullar 1 (higher res)

Quasatch Hunter 1 (higher res)
Quasatch Hunters squad (ultra)

Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (RotV)
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (SotM)
Red Wyrmling (higher res)
Retchets of Bogdan
Retchets of Bogdan squad
Rhogar Dragonspine (higher res)
Roman Archers 1
Roman Archers 2
Roman Archers 3
Roman Archers squad
Roman Legionnaires 1
Roman Legionnaires 2
Roman Legionnaires 3
Roman Legionnaires 4
Roman Legionnaires squad

Sacred Band 1
Sahuagin Raider (higher res)
Samuel Brown (higher res)
Samuel Brown (higher res, no base)
Saylind the Kyrie Warrior
Sentinel of Jandar 1
Sentinel of Jandar 2
Sentinel of Jandar 3
Sgt. Drake Alexander (RotV)
Sgt. Drake Alexander (SotM)
Shade of Bleakwood1
Shade of Bleakwood1 (higher res)
Shaolin Monk 1
Shaolin Monk 2
Shaolin Monk 3
Sharwin Wildborn (higher res)
Shurrak (higher res)
Siege (higher res)
Sir Denrick
Sir Dupuis
Sir Gilbert
Sir Gilbert (with supports)
Sir Hawthorne
Sir Hawthorne (higher res)
Sir Hawthorne (higher res, no base)
Sonlen (higher res)
Sonya Esenwein
Sujoah body, Sujoah wings (left) (you'll need to mirror in your slicer program for the other side) (higher res)
Swog Rider

Tagawa Samurai 1
Tagawa Samurai Archer 1 (matte)
Tagawa Samurai Archer 2 (matte)
Tagawa Samurai Archer 3 (matte)
Tandros Kreel (higher res)
Tarn Viking Warrior 1
Tarn Viking Warrior 2
Templar Calvary 1
Thorgrim the Viking Champion
Tor-Kul-Na (higher res)
Torin (higher res)
Tul-Bak-Ra (higher res)


Venoc Vipers 1
Venoc Vipers 2
Venoc Vipers 3
Venoc Viper 1 (with supports)
Venoc Viper 2 (with supports)
Venoc Viper 3 (with supports)
Venoc Warlord

Warden 816
Warforged Soldier 1 (higher res)
Warrior of Ashra 1
Water Elemental (higher res)
Water Elemental (matte)
Werewolf Lord (higher res)
White Wyrmling (higher res)
Wolf of Badru 1
Wolf of Badru 1 (higher res)
Wo-Sa-Ga (higher res)
Wo-Sa-Ga(higher res with supports)
Wyvern (higher res)

Zelrig (higher res)
Zettian Guard 1
Zettian Guard 2
Zombie of Morindan (higher res)
Zombie squad (not exact scans) (higher res)

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (higher res)
Princess Leia (higher res)
Rebel Trooper 1 (higher res)
Stormtrooper 1 (higher res)
Princess Leia

Additional raw scans:
Hexscape raw scans
Hexscape raw scans 2

1 Large Flat Peanut Base
2 Flat Peanut Bases
3 flat peanut bases
3 Small Single Hex Figure Bases
9 Small Single Hex Figure Bases

Single base standard
Single base small (goblin)
Single base large (Deathwalker)
Single base large D&D (Ice Troll)

Large Peanut
Small Peanut

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