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Re: The Book of Skrull Infiltrator

My instinct would be to change the Phoenix powers to say

You may draft a Jean Grey figure with the Merciful personality. If you do, Phoenix does not start the game on the battlefield. Your Merciful Jean Grey must use the Phoenix Fire special power, and when Phoenix Fire refers to Phoenix, it refers to your Merciful Jean Grey as well. Whenever your Merciful Jean Grey would be destroyed, instead, you must switch her with Phoenix.
That way, powers like Devastating Pounce wouldn't trigger. Thematically, that's what should occur anyway, since Sabretooth shouldn't be able to keep Jean from going Phoenix by sitting on her. Then you get to leave Pounce powers alone.

Range Special. Attack 6.
Choose a non-adjacent figure within 4 clear sight spaces whose base is not higher or lower than 6 levels from the base of Sabretooth. Before attacking, place Sabretooth adjacent to the chosen figure. If the chosen figure is destroyed by this special attack, immediately place Sabretooth on a space that was occupied by the chosen figure. If the figure is not destroyed, Sabretooth receives one wound. When Sabretooth is moved by this special attack, he will take any leaving engagement attacks.
But I would change Skrull/walker powers to say

Skrull Infiltrators do not start the game on the battlefield. Skrull Infiltrators can only enter the battlefield after a small or medium figure that is not a Skrull Infiltrator is destroyed. After removing the destroyed figure from the battlefield, you may place one of your Skrull Infiltrators that has not yet been placed on the battlefield onto a space that was occupied by the destroyed figure, if possible.
So that Sabretooth's power would cancel it, which thematically it should. It is a Secret Invasion, so they wouldn't be able to replace someone if there's a person who knows they killed them running around to tell everyone "Hey, I just killed her, she must be a Skrull!". The same goes for Zombies. Even if the person did become a Zombie, Sabretooth, and guys like him, aren't going to let the person they killed get back up.

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