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Re: Frostgrave, Halo Ground Command and other tabletop minis


I'm glad that you started this thread. Great idea!

I love the new mat.

I did the exact same thing with mulch a couple of years back and it actually works pretty well.

Like @Dad_Scaper , I have no one to play Frostgrave with even though I have some of the stuff already. I'll have to live play vicariously through you. Is that a thing?

Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper View Post
Tut, tut. I like looking at your Frostgrave stuff, @Hahma , and it excites my imagination about an unfamiliar gaming system. It's something you're playing, and you're sharing your passion for it, and you are doing so without bragging or making anyone feel left out. It's just sharing, and I welcome those posts.

And, as I recall, you've gotten about a zillion questions about it
. So if you've gotten feedback that your posts about Frostgrave are not welcome, I'm sorry to hear it. I enjoy them.
This is true. I think that you even got a couple of new people involved with the game. That is saying something.

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