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How to customize Blade Gruts into Heavy Gruts?

I have an extra set of blade gruts I want to turn into heavy gruts and I also have a set of halberds I can use as weapons for the blade gruts to look like heavies, bet before I butcher my blades with incompetence, I want to ask for some advice. I've never done any customization or figure painting before and I am a bit cautious about how to proceed. Do I just cut off the blades with a sharp knife or small scissors and try to glue the halberds into their hands? But how to I reposition their hands? Do I dip the figures into hot water and try to mold them after that or how does it work? I tried looking through some of the sticky subjects on the customs board, but they deal mostly with using custom figures from other games or repainting existing figures, not remolding or remodeling them. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!

I'm looking for proxies or repaints of heavy gruts, fyorlag spiders and gorillinators
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