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Yellow Springs OH, Gameday Aug. 28th Treasure Hunt

And we're back...

Where: Superfly Comic and Games, Yellow Springs, Ohio
132 Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

When: Sat. August 28th 1:00

Points: 750 All heroes.

Gather round adventurers and journey into Treasurescape.
Thats right it is a treasure hunt.

Glyphs will be scattered round a large map and players will race to collect as many glyphs as possible.
Some of the glyphs on the map will be Brandars which won't really give you any bonus others will be ones that affect you. Glyphs from traditional scape will also be used, but they only affect the carrier.
Figures may carry multiple glyphs however for every glyph above 1 glyph that they carry they lose a move (they're laden with treasure). So if a character has a normal move of 6 and has three glyphs they would lose 2 move and effectively have a move of 4.
Glyphs can be dropped of in your "Glyph Box". Once in the glyph box it affects all of your units. The glyph boxes will be in the center of the map and can be raided.

Dund is just tricky, that's all.
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