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Originally Posted by ArgosCap
2. Switching to WOTC will probably have little or no effect on licensing agreements, since Hasbro is the parent company of WOTC. I'm pretty sure WOTC published at least one version of the Marvel RPG (SAGA edition, anyone know?), so I think there is already a direct pre-existing relationship.
I believe that the SAGA edition was actually published by TSR a number of years prior to Wizards' purchase of TSR. AFAIK, Wizards hasn't ever had a license with Marvel until Hasbro got the huge license a year ago.

Originally Posted by ArgosCap
3. It is still EXTREMELY unlikely that DC will ever be licensed to 'Scape, since Mattel has a contract with DC. I think that's been stated like 8 billion times in the Marvel threads. If they do any more licensed brands, we'd be far more likely to see Star Wars, Transformers, or GI Joe, though I will personally be happy if they even continue with Marvel. Keeping my fingers crossed for GI Joe, since there is a movie coming out in '09.
Interestingly, I think a case could be made that a transition to Wizards could actually make a DC version of the game slightly more likely than it would have been under Hasbro. With the size of Hasbro, they go for big licenses that cover a broad swath of possible toys and collectibles. Wizards being a smaller branch may find it worth their effort to negotiate a specific, targeted license for just a Heroscape game that Mattel might allow to be made (if they don't have an idea for a game similar to Heroscape in the works themselves).

Still, I think a DC version is incredibly unlikely, even with a transition of the game to Wizards.
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