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Originally Posted by DeadZa
Originally Posted by DarkSpade
From what I've seen, the UNA is all about elite soldiers with good range and Striders with no armor.

Redblok is about lots of basic infantry, one or two really elite infantry, and striders that can win the battle all by themselves. Battle armor is sick too.

Redblok would seem to be good for a more aggresive player since they're often low accuraccy requires you to get in close.
So UNA isn't very good?
Didn't mean it to come out like that. I like my UNA.

Biggest thing I saw with UNA is their accuracy. It's generally 5 while the Redblok is generally 2. That's a huge difference, and many UNA squads can be upgraded with triple lense helmets that give them +1 accuraccy. That means UNA can be relied on to hit a target even at a long distance.

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