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Originally Posted by LilNewbie
AT-43 is a great game and the prepainted figures are nice (especially the later ones). The learning curve is a bit more intense than HS but is fairly simple once you get the concepts down. The turn structure allows each side to move one unit at a time using face-down unit cards to determine order of activations. The cards are ordered by each player at the start of the turn. Each unit moves and attacks (with each weapon system in the unit firing at the same time and possibly different targets). Then your opponent reveals a unit card and activates that unit (moving and attacking).

All actions use a table to determing the target number needed on a d6 for an action to be successful. The target number is usually determined by subtracting a target's stat (defense) from the attacker's stat (accuracy) and then checking that result against the table to find the target number needed. (My terminology might be off a bit but it gets the concept across). Most of the figures can take one hit but the bigger figures and vehicles can take multiple hits on different locations with damage on certain locations causing the vehicle to lose certain abilities such as moving or losing a weapon.

All ranges are measured in metric (cm) and from the leader of a squad or individuals. Ranges are determined in range increments (10 cm) which are used in determining the target number needed.

The artwork and quality of the books are nice too. Overall, it's a great game and the best part is you don't have to paint anything...just throw down and start playing. Another thing that is cool about the game is that it has combat gorillas!!

Thanks for the quick-info Newb.
I'm interested, but not that interested in purchasing! But it is nice to read some impressions of the game.
Combat Gorillas do sound cool.
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