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Canton, Ohio 2nd Annual National Heroscape Day Tourneyment!

Hey All,

Pictures found here -

Hendal here. So I am going to have a tourneyment in Canton, Ohio on the 20th of Oct., cause it is the Official National Heroscape Day and I had way to much fun last year doing it!

So you are all invited to come join us for the:

2nd Annual Canton Ohio National Heroscape Day Tourneyment on Oct. 20th, 2007 ( 465 Pt. Armies ).
Same place as last year, direction below.

Swiss style 1on1 matches. 4 rounds to get into the 8 man finals.

**** NO ENTRANCE FEE **** ( please bring a prize ) , prizes for all and then some more prizes!

You need to bring order markers, dice, cards, wound markers, and figures ( No customs, or Marvel Scape cards )

Prizes: 1st $50 2nd $30, 3rd $15 4th $5

Prizes so far: To be announced?

Besides everyone getting at least one prize, these will be on top of everything else:

1. Youngest Player ( + highest ranking 12 and under, and aged 13-17 gamers)
2. Last Place
3. Farthest Travelled
4. Best themed army ( voted on us before the finals )*
5. Old Fart Award ( oldest player )
6. Highest ranking married person ( gets to pick out a piece of jewelry or hand blown glass that my wife & I make -- in honor of sweetest day - so find out your wifes favorite color is, we have a lot to choose from).

* To qualify for a themed army you have to have a army from all one general or be a theme with 1 odd ball card that doesn't have to fit into the theme ( a whole orc themed army could have raelin and still qualify - well she works with ay theme really. So you could have all orcs and the Krav as your odd ball not in the theme card. All Marro, and a Dumetuff card to fill in the last 25 pts counts towards a theme. If you have a question, ask me and I will let you know, I hope this makes sense. RIght before the finals we will have a list of all themed armies for everyone to vote on. Ties will be determined by a D20 roll off, best of 3.

For prizes, we will let the the top 8 pick their prizes, then the 6 special catecories as listed, then we have a roll off between everyone last to the last man. With the extra prizes from their it is another roll off for highest D20 roll between eveyone.

I have decided that this year the gold nugget I usually give to first place will work like this:
To win the gold nugget you can not have the following cards in your army ( Q-9, the Krav, Raelin{old or new}, AE, & the marro water cloners ). You still win $ and first choice of prizes for 1st place. The gold will go to the highest ranking finalist who does not have any of the above mentioned cards in their army.

SOME PRIZES BEING BROUGHT: Master Woo ( yea ), a new Master set with the Marro Hive, a flag bearer, Custom Terrian, and more to be announced. A signed Master Woo. Wave 7.

***************$50 gift certificates from House Mouse***************
***************3 new swamp master sets - Hasbro****************

---amazing support thank you both so much (House Mouse and Hasbro)

Starting time 11:00 AM, sign up before 10:45 AM if possible. Because my friend owns the place, I will have it set up the night before ( so if you come early you can get an early game in, we will be there early waiting to do battle & probably cleaning up more last minute or deciding on what army to use? ) _ I will be there at 8:30 AM!!!!!!!!!!!

A 465 Pt. Army is to be brought to the battlefields with you

We will have 8 different boards set up: Wolf Swamp road, Forsaken Waters, Soulrazor,

Winter Wonderland, author unknown - heavy snow, normal ice; starting spaces as shown (on or over the hexes of the level 1 24-hex rock tiles)

Download here:

"Hot Heights",

Klomars training ground #3: the sand tiles are wet so they take 2 spaces to get through ( not one ).
this is just an easy board we can make with 1 MS ( we need that with so many boards needing made )

here is my own map for the tourney - Enjoy! Canton's Battle Bridge -

We will have a swamp board, a large bridge board, and another board - all to be announced soon ( if you have a board you want us to use, let me know!).

***** 32 space starting zone ( bring on the swarms ) *****

The only place in the world NHSD is being celebrated right - 32 starting spaces so you are not limited on the army you can bring - you want a swarm army you bring a swarm army cause Ohio is the heart of it all!

Glyphs: 2 unknown out of 8 ( Ulaniva {unique Att. +1}, Crevcor {Common +1 Att}, Brandar { nothing }, Proftake {pit trap}, Valda ( +2 move }, Gerda { +1 Def.}, Kelda { Healer}, ? { not sure of the name but the +1 to D20 rolls).
- hope everyone is happy with the glyphs - if not give a shout out?

So there are way more people then I imagined coming, so I am thinking a pot luck deal for food would be a great idea. Just bring a big bowl or plate of something if you can ( but don't if your coming from a long way or thing this sounds silly ).

We have a Pizza place that delivers, a subway pretty close, and a Fishers food that has great Friend Chicken & Jo-Jo's. So people can just buy food if they want. The fisher foods is a grocery store ( pretty basic in the poor part of town ) that is a block and a half away to get stuff.

Food that will be there:

Crock Pot of Shredded Meat in sauce and buns, mustard, onions.
Potato Salad
4 Liters of Coke
4 liters Diet Coke
Chips( 4 bags ), salsa, been dip.
Pretzels & Fritos( 2 of each )
cold pasta salad
Vegtables slices and dip platter

If we need to we can order out ( the Chicken & Jo-Jo's should be pre-ordered or bought before 11:30 - they run out ). Just an idea on the food, all that will be there, but it is pretty shy on feeding 40 people for lunch and dinner.

Where: 1925 Fremont pl S.W.
Canton, Ohio 44706

It is really easy to get to take 77 to canton, then take 30 W, the next exit is Harrision/Navarro exit. Take this , and get off the exit and head right, pass one light and then go under a train bridge, one more block and you see Fisher foods on the right, at the end of Fishers parking lot is Freemont st. , take a right and 2 blocks down on the left is the tourney. Just past the building is an alley, on the other side of the road past the alley is a big parking lot you can park in.

Please post here if you are coming, and with how many if you know.

Please feel free to ask questions, or to offer advice.

Our Goal to double last year is in the bag ( it was 9 people last year ), I think we may triple it the way things are looking ( oh yea - big grin from ear to ear )

That is it for now, Game On!!!!!!!!!!!


List of who's coming

For sure, already pre-paid the entrance fee

1 & 2 Hendal - Organizer +1 (2)
3 EndPawn - Organizer
4 Bubba- winner of Truth's tourneyment in 06' Organizer
5 Hendal's Brother
6 & 7 Hendals's Niece & Boyfriend (2)

8 MattsterTruckRally - Reigning GenCon Grand Champion
9 Mantrain choo choo- Ohio Champ
10 Weesel99
11 Jacop_J_p
12 Hendal's friend Mark
13 Royaldoy - Western PA Champ
14 " wife
15 " brother
16 " friend Denny
17 " friend Andy

18 Ghostwalker107
19BoozeHammer ( W.V. )
21 Tiberius
22 Who'dat - Dragon Con Champ 07' ( Tenn. )
23 ScreamingTruth
24 Darth Vollmar
25 Webhead
26 & 27 white_dragon_Master ( +1 )
28 Mikemmaan17
29 Chuck
30 Chucks nephew #1
31 Chucks nephew #2
32 MechaBeast
33 MechaBeast's Wife
34 SandMan ( NY )
35 messenger
36 No,David,No
37 Cough_drops
38-39 Cemetary Gates & friend

Basically sure, if work( or something else ) doesn't interfer!
40 Gamjuven
41 HappyJosiah
42 KillerCactus
43 " friend Brad
44 dogrobber
45 Browncoat
46 Truth's friend
47 Truth's friend ( ? 50 with 3rd friend )
48 Tiberius' friend Jesse
49 Who'dat's friends
50 Southwest Ninja
51 " ".s wife
52 " ''s brother

Hendals friends (2)

blightedwolf's son
blightedwolf's son's friend

Sandman's Friends ( coming from NY )
Pat & 2 sons

Spectators to watch ( showing up late ), if it works out!:

Phaethon + Son

Total coming ( at least should be ): 45
Hopefuls 6 (7,8, 9,10,11,...27 )

52+ people coming, upto 20+ more trying to get their, plus 2 spectators.

I am guessing we will see over 55 people at this thing, I am now hoping for 60 ( although that means way more work for me - yea )

We have Ohio, Penn., W.V., Tenn., Indiana, and NY represented ( if there is someone coming from another state, let me know )!!!!!!!!!!!
6 states!

Heroscape - The Game I Have Waited My Whole Life For!
GenCon - a must for any true Scaper!
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