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I've indicated an interest in a couple of castle sets. What I actually will end up ordering is two Castes, one of each Thora's unique, and two of each Thora's commons - though if there's just one unique in the set of four, I'll probably just order two full sets. There are also a few bits & bobs I want from earlier waves. In total, probably $150-200-worth. I'll order it all from Sandra at HMG, and in one go, to minimise the shipping charges.

Given that we're a bit spread out, and that Customs & Excise charges can be fiddly, I'm not sure if there would be any merit in trying to put together a "UK 'scapers" group order. What we saved in international shipping, or very own Royal Mail would charge us when it cane to divvying up the huge parcel on arrival. YMMV.
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