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Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings

Originally Posted by vegietarian18 View Post
I think Brontos is a little bit better than you make him out to be. B- is pretty bad.

Abduct is basically a double power of Carry and Talon Grab. And he has even a little more rolled into his package with Evil Eye Defense. And an effective Deadly Strike too. He's basically a swiss army figure, he will always be useful. If anything his big weakness is that he has too much life, if he were 6 life and 30 points cheaper he'd be more useful since he could fit into a Sonlen role in many builds. But I think he's still pretty good, although maybe moreso in formats like Reverse the Whip.
Abduct is indeed in line with those abilities. Boreos does similar things much less expensively, though, and bonds.

Brontos is definitely a swiss army figure. He's nice for bringing along non-bonding cheerleaders, even if with his movement you're usually not getting them much farther than you could just by activating them themselves. And he is pretty good in some matchups - notably against small/medium armies that depend on positioning, especially heroes, and against ranged commons. I could definitely see putting him in a draft pool as a counter to things like Mezzos.

However, Whomp's negative ability is kind of harsh when trying to use him as a legitimate hero-killer. With just 3 attack, whiffs are going to happen, and they can get costly. And he's terribly vulnerable to both ranged specials, and to massed melee commons. Looking at the B- tier: would you pick Brontos against 8 Deepwyrm Drow? How about against three crypt guardians (or two and two chainfighters)? Ashigaru Yari is probably an unfair comparison, but they easily defeat Brontos. Going up into the B tier, you encounter stuff like Vipers, which is obviously a very bad loss for Brontos. I don't think he takes his points down against a standard gladiator build.

How about big hitters in that ballpark? G&R isn't apples to apples because G&R bonds, but beating him doesn't get you out of B- anyway. Maratuk is a B and of course she crushes Brontos in a fight, but that's a bit unfair as well since that's Marutuk's job. Shurrak versus Brontos doesn't make use of either of their toolkits, but I think Shurrak is more efficient 1-on-1, because the Whomp tax feels fairly likely to hit. (I'd be interested in seeing the stats on that one though.) Othkurik and one squad of Greenscales? Feels like a reliable win for the dragon but that's highly map-dependent and can't be just mathed out.

Of course you could flip this around and just cherry pick all the ranged common squads in the B/B- range and point out that Brontos beats those. And he probably does! But that's really the only matchup I like him in, and even then really only if there's something going on in particular that makes Abduct especially good.

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