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Re: Master set 1, 2019 ? what would you want to see ?

Just add all of Mallidons prophecy so that there is a taste of common squad building and a slightly more refined idea of synergy based armies. Mittens for example. He is all around and he can move through water. Marcus can enhance the Airborne elites. The only reason I think this sounds feasible is people buy more than 1 MS of both HS or Aotp for a plethora of reasons. Two come to mind. 1. More terrain which is a plus. and 2 . more minis and more components to play with a larger group of people. Personally , I haven't played an 8 player free for all but it sounds nice. Maybe an orms return as well? Maybe merge Orms return and Wave 1 as one box kind of like battle for Zendikar except better and have a discounted bundle edition or something.

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