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Re: Premature Pre??? PreRelease D&D Wave 2 Expansion Specula

There is 3 Wyrmlings in DnD. A red,blue and bronze. If that is the case then GOLEM AND THE WYRMLINGS will have 4 figures in it.

Because most of all those figures were in Wave 11. I really didn't mean for sure. More like 50%. The names of the packs don't match unless they are Unique Heroes.

If the Warforged are small enough we could see 2 squads or 1 4 figure squad and 1 Uncommon/common hero. My guess is that it will be 4 figure squad and uncommon hero or 3 figure squad and 1 common and 1 uncommon hero. Then a unique hero of them in heroes.

Valhalla's Darkest Hour: Custom Wave 3 and March of Shadows: Custom Large Expansion 1 coming soon.

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