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Stiewig_N8 knows what's in an order marker Stiewig_N8 knows what's in an order marker
Bored, here is a Marvel wall custom.

It's been a while since I've posted anything , but I hope you find this worth the wait. Are you bored with Marvel and the normal wall? How about something new for your super heros and vilans to battle over. Here is something to keep you busy while waiting for the Marvel wave to come.
It took four and 1/2 walls.I also add ladders for Captain America and Red Skull.

The wall still comes apart.

Knock your opponents off the ladders.

The whole in the wall is too small for the larger characters to fit.

How to make a larger second story.

I hope you liked it. I still have a lot of touch up to do but, two of my buddies and I have already played on it and it rocks.
Comments and questions are always welcome.
Untill next time, Scape On.