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Re: Too Human

I just got the game on Monday (Aug 25th), and my enjoyment of it started at "it's fun" all the way to "it's FUN-TASTIC!" The game takes a bit of getting into to learn the different moves, but I think SK did a great job of blending action and RPG'ing into a pretty good game.

Now, of course this game is not perfect, but it is pretty good, and I feel it's above good for those who enjoy action RPG's. As for the story, so far (i'm about 75% done), and it's decent; I'll reserve judgment until the end.

I would give the game a solid 8.3, and that would go up significantly (very close to a 9) if SK is able to ptovide some tweaks via Updates to some of the minor issues that the game has!

Hey PochoMan, I too have not been much into online, but have been considering going online with this game. My Gamer ID is Tek Knowledge G. I'll send you a friend request over the weekend.
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