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CornPuff knows what's in an order marker CornPuff knows what's in an order marker
Well, FW uses exactly one MS. Hasbro gave us 18 hex start zones. My proposed start zones are 21 hexes large, we will need to increase them somehow. We would have to increase it to 24 hexes without upsetting the glyph balance. Maybe we could add some expansion tiles to the back of each side?

Also, I vote for the Kelda, Valda, Astrid and Gerda glyphs to be present as they are in winter holdout. I vote for the removal of the glyph of dagmar, as I always hated that glyph placement because is causes movement over glyph confusion.

This is a good start. Add three more hexes to the start zones in an intelligent way and we can call this one done.

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