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Heroscape Maps Approved for Competitive and Tournament Play


Goal: To offer the Heroscape gaming community balanced, playtested maps for both tournament and competitive play. And to establish standards for playable, balanced, and aesthetic maps.

SECTION 1: Submission guidelines and tips
1. Maps shall contain 24 start zones.
2. Maps should be balanced for 1-on-1 competition between two (2) 500 point armies.
3. Maps shall be limited to 1 MS and up to 3 terrain expansions, no two of which can be the same, with the exception that 2 Road to the Forgotten Forests are allowed. Keep in mind the fewer expansions a map includes the more likely it is to be used. If the map makes use of a few wave expansion tiles, that will be acceptable. Submitted maps must state what expansions are needed.
4. Anyone can nominate a map for consideration, but it will not go through the judging process without a majority vote of the Council.
5. Submitted maps must include build instructions.
6. Glyphs are not required, but any number may be used to enhance a map.
7. Maps should not heavily favor any one special ability to the point that it makes the map non-competitive if an army does not contain that ability (i.e. flying, lava resistance, etc.).
8. Do NOT slap a map together and nominate it for consideration. Playtest your submitted map AT LEAST once, or judges will be likely to hunt you down and flog you with wet noodles.

SECTION 2: How maps are judged
1. Maps nominated for consideration will go through the following process after a majority vote of the judges.
2. Maps will be playtested competitively at least once by all judges, using 500 point armies. Candidates for approval will be playtested more than once.
3. Consideration for approved maps will be given, generally, based on the following criteria and in this order: balance, interesting play, and aesthetics.
4. Time for consideration is: as long as it takes for the judges to make an informed decision.
5. Great maps will be approved; not good ones. Don't let this discourage you.
6. Judge discussions will occur in a public forum on the official non-official Heroscape web site: Currently
7. Voting on maps will occur in private, but vote totals will be presented publicly.
8. Maps that receive a super-majority of 75% of the Council will be formatted and given the Battlefields of Valhalla Seal of Approval. Judges may abstain from a vote on a particular map, thereby reducing the total number of votes needed for acceptance.

SECTION 3: Self-governance
1. The Council will contain six judges. The first judges are: CornPuff, Eclipse, Revdyer, Riggler, R˙chean and UranusPChicago.
2. Judges will maintain their position unless a) They are not heard from by fellow judges on the official non-official Heroscape web site for a period of 31 days, or b) They abstain for a total of three months or for three consecutive maps under consideration, whichever comes later.
3. If a vacancy on the council occurs, judges will be replaced by those who a) show interest in serving, and b) after consideration of the sitting judges receive 75 % vote of approval. Voting and discussion of a replacement judge may occur in private.
4. Judges will not be allowed to vote on their own maps. During the judging of their own maps their vote will be considered an abstention for the percentages needed to both playtest and approve the map. Their vote will NOT be counted as an abstention for purposes of the "three consecutive maps" criteria in Section 3-2-b.
5. These by-laws may be changed and amended at any time by a 75 % vote of sitting judges.

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