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Re: Official Scenario: RoB The Hydra's Lair Room 2

Well I just finished for the first time in this room.

500 points

Khosumet the Darklord
x1 Wolves of Badru
x1 Sahuagin Raider
Points: 300

Well Sonlen moves first and the the wolves moved in. Sonlen was safe from all damage against the WoB and the Darklord.

Sonlen killed 2 wolves with Dragon Swoop and his normal attack.
The Hydra moves in as he watches the battle from a cliff.

Migol moves in doing quick work with the last wolf. The Darklord tries to run taking leaving engagement. The 2nd round runs around. Sonlen uses Dragon Swoop once more,but fails,but his normal attack finished off the Darklord dealing 3 wounds as the Darklord has a fail roll.

The raider moves in and tries to deal damage to Migol,but Migol's One Shield Def helps him and he kills the raider in 1 swipe with his hammer.

Then the Hydra moves closer attacking Sonlen dealing 3 wounds...

Sharwin heads for a glyph,but is to late.

Round 3.
Sonlen tries to kill the Hydra,but only takes out 1 head.

The Hydras kills Sonlen with his triple attack.

Enraged by the death of his friend. Migol charges in taking another head down.

The Hydra fails on more attacks with Migol.

Migol finished the Hydra off.

The Hydra falls to the ground as Migol heads to Sonlen's body. Migol asks for a 2nd wind for his friend and they head into the next room.

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